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INCREDIBLY delicious and company worthy. 10********** . Even my kids loved it! I used 1/4# of bacon, (2) 2# total, very meaty breast halves with skin & bone on, Christian Bros. brandy because we didn't have cognac, 1 medium yellow onion sliced, Pinto Noir, 4oz. tomato sauce because I never stock paste. I did simmer quite a bit longer to thicken up the sauce. Not a problem cuz I allowed enough time. I de-boned the breasts before serving. This is the ultimate dinner dish. Served with buttered noodles as suggested. Simply amazing!

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour November 03, 2009

I actually followed the recipe out of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" which has a few more steps and ingredients, but is very similar. I just wanted to pass on my experience. I followed the recipe exactly, except that after removing the chicken from the wine, I strained the sauce through some cheese cloth after defatting. I just couldn't see having the floating lardons in the sauce, and I would do it again - it made it much more appetizing. Also, In the MTAOFC recipe, Julia has you make a paste of butter and flower and whisk it into the wine sauce - simmer and thicken. It was a lot of work and somewhat of a letdown. The flavor is sublime, but just not worthy of all the work, which is what I've always felt about French cooking. I have flamed a saute before - if you want a delicious lobster bisque recipe from the Silver Palate cookbook - you get to flambe the stock, and it's absolutely delicious and worth the work.

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WorkingMom2three December 08, 2009

DELISH! I used 4-6 strips of bacon, diced, instead of lardons. Would use only thighs next time, as breasts meat got a little dried out. I used a Cotes du Rhone wine. Wonderful dish.

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Rita G. October 27, 2009

Absolutely delicious!!! My entire family oohed and aaaahed. First time lighting cognac. Fun!

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cboland August 10, 2009
Coq Au Vin by Julia Child