Copycat Yoohoo

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5 mins
0 mins

My kids really like this--they say its just like a yoohoo.

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  1. Mix all contents in a blender and blend for 30 seconds.
  2. Refrigerate until cold, then serve.
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Definately is not "just like" yoohoo, but it's not a bad tasting drink. At least now I'll have something to make for when we run out of milk in the house. For the person who said it wasn't sweet enough, be sure you're using Nestle choc. quik mix, not cocoa powder which is used for baking.

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Not sweet enough. I changed the cocoa powder to 4 packs of milk chocolate hot chocolate w/ marshmellows. Very creamy and kids loved it.

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It's better if you use Lactaid milk instead of powdered milk and water.