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I've never had Broccoli Soup at Subway....our Subway's don't serve soup! So I don't know if this tastes like theirs or not. That means I'm rating it based on taste, not on the resemblance to Subway's soup. That being said....I loved the carrot/onion/celery mix that started the soup. Always a great start to a soup! Per Bobbie's advice, I steamed my broccoli bag before adding to the soup. However, I found the broccoli was too large to be in the soup, and cut it up while it was simmering. The reduced-fat cheddar cheese didn't melt, so next time I'd try something that melts easier. There are difficulties with this recipe, but the overall taste is sublime, because of the vegetable medley that sautes at the start! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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breezermom January 19, 2010
Copycat Subway Golden Creamy Broccoli Soup