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We halved the amount and made it a bit different by just toasting the bread in the toaster. We used 7 slices total (ok, started with 8 slices but buttered and ate one. lol) Also, since we keep 'Better than Bullion' brand in our pantry (which is a concentrated paste rather than dried bullion), we added the chicken flavor to the water rather than adding it to the dry mix. That said, This does taste like stove top! The only thing we would change next time is to omit the salt altogether and halve the spices as it was a bit overkill on them. But copy cat, Yes! delicious, Yes! Would make again, Yes! Thanks Sam, for posting this so-much-more economical dish!

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2Bleu June 16, 2008

Great copycat recipe! Tastes very similar to StoveTop. I wasn't sure what type of bread to use so I used half a loaf of french bread. I cubed it as small as I could and then tore those pieces in half. I baked the bread cubes for about 15 minutes. I left out the salt and we didn't miss it. The only thing I will change next time is to use less water. Thanks for posting. Made for PRMR.

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swissms November 08, 2009

This just what I'm looking for. Thank you

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todaie March 06, 2011

Delicious, so easy and satisfying to make and so much healthier than ready-made stuffing mixes. Before following step four, I panfried a cup of thinly sliced mushrooms and a heaped teaspoon of minced garlic in butter. When adding these to the other ingredients, I used only 1 tablespoon of melted butter. I also omitted the salt. Thanks for sharing a super recipe that I'll be making often and undoubtedly adding other ingredients to. Pine nuts would be a nice addition. Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder July 26, 2009

This looks very interesting, I hate paying high prices for the sodium laden stuff(ing). I guess it would keep well in a glass container for smome time. Think I will add small amount of Bell's seasoning and low sodium chicken broth for liquid, I think this is best made using crustless white bread.. ThanX...This will be fun to make.

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wheelchaircook May 31, 2008
Copycat Stove Top Stuffing Mix