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This recipe is amazing!! It is as good or better than skipper's. I halved the amount of clams because I wanted to test the recipe and originally was only going to make a half batch. But as I was cooking, the flavors were so good, I decided to make a full batch and I did use pre-sliced package Bacon, so there were six slices to fill in anywhere there might have been a clam or two missing. But I really didn't notice anything missing at all because it was just so good!! I did sub heavy cream for half half because that's what I had on hand. Just for fun, I added a little corn. I don't think I'll ever need to look for another clam chowder recipe. I will make this again and again. I'm thinking of taking some over to my parents for lunch but I will certainly be making a double batch so there's some left for me!!

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Katrin O. November 22, 2013

Tastes great! Hard to say if it's just like Skipper's, because it's been so many years since I've had it, but I think it's pretty close! I also added some thyme during the cooking of veggies and bacon. I didn't have hot sauce so I sprinkled in some cayenne pepper instead. Worked just fine! As a Oregon native no longer living in the state, this is the clam chowder I've been missing!

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kara.vrooman December 01, 2014

This seems promising but there are a few holes in the instructions, like how much bottled clan juice and pepper sauce? Neither are in the ingredients so I didn't buy them. If you update that I'll retry and change my rating

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Brooke M. September 24, 2014
Copycat Skippers Clam Chowder