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If I could give this 6 stars I would! I lived in San Diego for 2 years and while there fell in love with Rubio's fish tacos. Now I've been gone for 7 years and have craved them at times, so when it came time to create a Mexican Fiesta for a dinner party, I knew I had to add fish tacos to the menu. This recipe is IDENTICAL to the fish tacos I remember at Rubio's and now I can enjoy them anytime I want and don't have to spend thousands on a plane ticket to do so! My guests were amazed and everyone LOVED them. I really didn't change anything in the recipe. Every component is simple in itself but when combined, command your taste buds to attention! Thank you for posting!

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SouthernAlbertaGirl February 14, 2014

One of my favorite recipes to make, super yummy!!!

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Chef Raven Austin September 12, 2013

Everyone loves them thx for the recipe .. also added the lime to the white sauce and the salsa

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erikj2013 June 19, 2013

I can't believe I am just now reviewing these. Absolutely delicious!!! My family like the platter clean so to speak. The only change I made was to use my own homemade salsa, otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. Now when I plan taco night for our house, I know that these have to be on the menu. Thanks.

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cookin'forusinTN November 06, 2008

My husband is in the Navy and we have been stationed in San Diego twice and Rubios fish tacos are some of the things we miss most dearly about the area! I had high hopes for this recipe and was certainly not disappointed! I admit I did not fry my fish, so I can't vouch for the batter, but I marinated some orange rough filets, grilled them and served them with the salsa and white sauce and topped with shredded cabbage. I finished each taco with a slice of ripe avocado and a sprinkling of cilantro. I used plain greek yogurt for the white sauce and light mayo and found that it was a little thick and didn't have quite the "tang" of Rubio's recipe. So, I added some fresh lime juice and it was perfect! I didn't have quite enough fresh tomatoes for the salsa, so I threw in a can of Rotel, extra garlic, extra cilantro, fresh lime juice and 1 tsp of cumin. I used only one jalepeno, as we don't like it too spicy. It was the best salsa I have ever made and was astonishingly close to the way Rubio's tastes. The corn tortillas are a MUST, do not substitute flour or it won't be a "real" fish taco and won't taste the same. If your corn tortillas are on the thin side, do what ubio's does and double them up (stack two together and add fish and condiments on top, then fold) so your taco doesn't get too soggy and fall apart. My husband said these were BETTER than Rubio's! I thought they were quite good as well. Thanks for sharing!

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shimmerchk May 23, 2008

This appeared in a local newspaper a few years ago and I have made it ever since. Easy and delicious. Even my husband, who swore he would NEVER eat a fish taco, loves these!

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JordanL March 23, 2008
Copycat Rubio's Fish Tacos