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This was wonderful! It's been a while since I had the noodles at P.F. Chang, but they sure taste similar to what I remember. Nice and spicy! I had to make a few modifications since I was out of some items. I only used 2 chicken thighs that were already cooked from a previous meal. I diced them up and added at the cabbage step. I also didn't have shrimp but added a handful of peanuts to give it some more bulk. I used more shredded cabbage to help thin out the noodles a bit and used an extra squirt of Sriracha Hot Sauce in place of 1T of the Ketchup. I also used the white part of the scallions and sliced them thin and sauteed them with the cabbage. I omitted the cilantro as I'm not a fan and didn't end up using the limes (was too excited to eat!) I also used a handful of broccoli slaw instead of the carrot since that's what we had in the fridge. Basically this recipe can accommodate a lot of change and still retain the same basic taste due to the yummy sauce. This is seriously the best and easiest to make sauce. I'll definitely be making this again. Thanks so much to Sue for sharing this recipe!!! Oh, I would make the suggestion to use 8 oz of boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of the breast meat. They have a lot more flavor for a stir fry like this. Enjoy!!!!

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MI_Hiker November 12, 2009

Wow! Stunning flavor! I made a few necessary changes, but I was determined to follow what I could of this recipe because it looked really good and I wasn't disappointed! I omitted the chicken and lime (won't next time, but I didn't have either), and the optional fried shallots. I also used Ship Green Label Indian curry powder and cut the sriracha by half. This made it still too hot for us (we're wussies), so next time I'll use about 1/4 of the listed amount. The sauce is absolutely outstanding... what a great mix of flavors! I served this as a simple meal with a batch of my Lumpia / Lumpias (which I burnt, but I won't expound upon... they were still good!) Thanks, Sue, for another culinary winner!

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Sandi (From CA) February 26, 2009

I've never had PF Changs before, but I love this dish! I even used extra hot sauce but we like it that way ;) I'm blowing my nose as I'm typing this, but I regret nothing! This has tons of flavour. Did some minor changes, left out carrots but added green beans and used sausage in place of chicken. I really love the addition of the curry powder. It's different from noodle dishes I've made before and I really like it. It's definitely a big, bold dish! Thanks!

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yamakarasu September 16, 2010

Excellent flavor but I would recommend putting in only half the Siracha if you want it to taste like PF Changs. This version is much spicier.

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BarkingDogIndy August 31, 2010

We don't have PF Chang's here so I can't vouch for authenticity but this was excellent. Big flavor here! I omitted the fried shallots only because I had none. I added a handful of sugar peas with the rest of the vegetables too, and made half with whole wheat spaghettini (lower GI for diabetics) and half with rice noodles. This recipe makes a lot, probably enough for 6. I found it took me longer to prep everything but the cooking time was much less so all in all the times given balanced out. This recipe is so flexible with what you have on hand. We REALLY enjoyed this, and I'll be making it often. Thank you Sue L

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3shihmum March 08, 2009

I thought this was a fantastic recipie - tasted just like take away. Thank you Sue L. x

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carolinejacquelinefoster February 15, 2008

Absolutely delicious. I was impressed I could make something that tastes this good at home. I love spicy food, but if you don't, then I would recommend using less sriracha sauce :)

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rml71774 January 23, 2008

The flavor was nice, very much like PF Chang's except for the heat. I think next time I will use only 1 TB of the sirarcha sauce. Also used Madras Curry Powder for the Madras Curry Powder.

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Engineer in the Kitchen November 06, 2006

Delicious! Tastes exactly - if not better - than the real thing. Bravo.

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Chef Piff October 25, 2006

This recipe was fantastic. I am not sure if it's exactly the same as the PF Changs version but it's very close. I used hoisin in place of the oyster sauce because I didn't have any oyster sauce and it was still amazing. My kids (4 and 1) found this a little too spicy for their liking, so if I made it again I would probably use 1 T. of Sriracha instead of 2, but it wasn't too spicy for me with the full amount of Sriracha. This is definitely a keeper.

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alsingle_99_11687154 February 02, 2015
Copycat P.F. Chang's Singapore Street Noodles