Copycat Mc Donald's® Famous French Fries

Total Time
Prep 40 mins
Cook 20 mins

I found this recipe on another site and just had to save it here. My brothers and Father just love Mcdonalds french fries, so if I can make them at home for much cheaper it would be a win-win situation. I have not tried the recipe yet but will very soon

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  1. Peel the potatoes. In a large mixing bowl, combine sugar, corn syrup, and hot water. Make sure the sugar is dissolved. Using a french fry slicer, cut the peeled potatoes into shoestrings. The potatoes should be 1/4" x 1/4" in thickness, and about 4" to 6" long. (You can do this with a knife, but it is alot of work).
  2. Place the shoestringed potatoes into the bowl of sugar-water, and refrigerate. Let them soak about 30 minutes.
  3. While they're soaking, pack the shortening into the deep fryer. Crank up the temperature to "full". The shortening has to pre-heat for a very long time. It will eventually liquify. After it has liquified and is at least 375°, drain the potatoes and dump them into the fryer. (be careful, it will be ferocious).
  4. After 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, remove the potatoes and place them on a paper towel lined plate. Let them cool 8 to 10 minutes in the refrigerator.
  5. While they're cooling, add the lard or beef drippings to the hot Crisco®. Again, crank the temperature to full. Stir in the lard as it melts into the oil. It will blend inches.
  6. After the deep fryer is reheated to 375°-400°, add the potatoes and deep fry again. This time for 5-7 minutes until golden brown. Remove and place in a large bowl.
  7. Sprinkle generously with salt, then "toss" the fries to mix the salt evenly.
  8. Serve hot, serve immediately, and enjoy! Depending upon the size of the potatoes, this recipe make about 2 medium sized fries.
  9. Special Notes: If you want more fries, double the recipe---but DON'T double the cooking oil. Just cook them in shifts, adding about 1/4 cup more Crisco® and 1 tablespoon lard for the second batch.
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I made these a few weeks ago and they were great. I didn't do the whole lard thing but did fry using the shortening. They tasted very close to McDonalds french fries. Its definitely worth the trouble though if you have a shoestring cutter. They charge about 3 bucks for a large fry but you can make a huge batch of these for your family in no time. Really a great recipes.

dsbell188 September 26, 2008

These are great I have done them many times. As for the comment below from Karenf16, you must have over fried the fries the first time or something because this is an iron clad method that has been used for years. Try again and make sure you only fry them the times listed in the recipe, I think you will be pleased.

brandiamber May 03, 2013

This recipe is horrible....I don't know why it has 5 stars....nothing like McDonald's....I followed the recipe to a T and my fries turned very brown, almost burnt during the second fry....when they came out they were crispy and 1 minute later they were limp...what a waste of tme

Karenf16 April 22, 2013