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This was pretty good! I did have a little trouble, since I don't have a steamer, but I steamed the cabbage in a double boiler and it seemed to work -- although I think I overcooked it just a tad. I used butter and minced ginger, and the taste was very good -- and subtle. I would use this recipe for the cabbage in lo mein and fried rice, and the flavor possibilities are endless! Thanks for posting this easy to follow, low carb recipe. I will be making this again and perhaps adding some cayenne pepper for a little "kick."

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Stacky5 June 06, 2006

Even if you are not on a low-carb diet, this is an excellent dish. I added some soy sauce and cooked onions. I like the fact that you can play around with different spices for variety too. Thanks so much for sharing, AKillian24.

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Merlot September 11, 2007

Very easy to do. I liked steaming the cabbage. It turned out tender. I added ginger, soy sauce, and a few red pepper flakes. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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Susie D September 27, 2006

I first discovered this when I was low-carbing it. 40 pounds less later I completely forgot about this wonderful dish. I'm so pleased I found it again. I usually make it by shopping up the green cabbage in the food processor with the steel blade so it really does resemble rice. Then I just stir-fry it with the onions in the butter or olive oil, add my spices and other veggies and sit down to a wonderful meal.

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Mirj April 24, 2006

We enjoyed this. I wasn't exactly sure how long to cook this actually and I think I may have over cooked it a tad. I used it as a rice sub. simply because I'm trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I did add a little brummel & brown plus a generous shake of dried garlic and dried onion. I served chicken with sauce on the top and the cabbage soaked up the sauce beautifully. I'd like to try it with a little olive oil instead of butter. But a nice way to prepare cabbage.

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ladypit October 07, 2005

I really appreciated the reminder that cabbage is a versatile low-carb veggie. I did cook this in the microwave because I could not find my steamer basket to save my life! I used Land O Lakes spreadable butter and Vege-Sal instead of plain salt. I have to say that 1 tsp. of salt was a bit too much. I also added a sprinkle of dried onions. This was new for me because (for some reason) I have a tendency to cook my veggies plain and then season them later - this way works better. I had a bit of difficulty because I would have liked more guidance on what spices to use and how much, but overall we enjoyed this.

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evewitch June 29, 2005
Copycat Low-carb Cabbage Rice