Copycat Kobe Style Fried Rice With " Shrimp Sauce"

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

Kobe is a Japanese restaurant from my hometown. I got this recipe from a cookbook called Hometown Cooking with Bank of Granite and credit is given to Robin Powell. I normally double the rice (it's that good!) and 1/2 the "shrimp sauce" as it goes a long way. I am listing it here exactly as it is printed. PS- Shrimp Sauce is Kobe's name for it there is no shrimp anywhere near it. I serve it with Japanese-Style Sesame Chicken.

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  1. Fried Rice:.
  2. Cook peas, corn, and carrots in microwave for 2-4 minutes (until crisp and tender). Cool and add to rice.
  3. Place 1 - 2 T oil in wok or non-stick pan.
  4. Sauté rice, vegetables and onion briefly.
  5. Top with 1T butter and cook until hot.
  6. Add soy sauce and sauté until incorporated.
  7. Serve immediately; top with shrimp sauce.
  8. Shrimp Sauce:.
  9. Add ingredients, in order given, to food processor or blender.
  10. Process until smooth.
  11. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


Most Helpful

Very good! The rice came together perfectly. I can see that you could add some chicken and water chestnuts etc. I sauteed my vegetables for about 3 minutes before adding the rice, just a preference. The sauce was a nice creamy sauce that compliments the rice as well as the chicken I served with it, it reminds me of a salad dressing.

BethHallKelley April 26, 2009

This was really good. The rice was easy to make and very tasty. I gave 4 stars for the sauce. I did it exactly(even used Dukes mayo) but it was very runny and bubbly. I think I will leave the water out next time or just use a little to get the consistancy. It was tasty though.

Queenofcamping September 20, 2006

The RICE is good but the SAUCE IS BAD! Nor is it Kobe's or much of a copycat version. That's why only 2 stars. As for Kobe's fried rice, I just had their hibachi grill and watch them cook the rice. They used NO VEG OR SOY SAUCE! It's white cooked riced slightly cooled, a whole lot of butter, a little shake; which they then squirt into all 21 mouthes to see if you can do it for the count of 10 in Japanese and then add more shake to the rice. Tossed it around some more and served it to us as he went to cook the rest of our meal. The grilling is what gave it the slightly brown look fried rice is known for and not form soy sauce. As for the sauce at Kobes they have never called it shrimp sauce when i order sushi/sashimi or when served with their lunch menu. When I'd ask what the sauce was or simple asked for the orange sauce served with rice. The call it YUM YUM Sauce. The first time I laughed at the guy thinking he was joking until I asked my Cantonese and my Filipino friends if they knew what it really was called. They all called YUM YUM Sauce but it is also known as Shrimp Sauce, or Sakura Sauce. They told me how to make after giving me some Japanese style mayo (or make american mayo w/o sugar and use rice vinegar and add MSG - sold under the name Accent in the midwest) 1/2 c japanese mayo 1 tsp sriracha. They also said that in their homes it is use much like we use ranch dressing...on everything! Just thought I'd share that the sauce does have other names and even though the rice is good the sauce was the worse i'd ever had second only to those that use tomato paste where chefcrystal used ketchup. I don't think this recipe should be called a copycat version. Maybe call it Chefcrystal's fried rice with shrimp sauce.

JamieTND November 02, 2012

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