Copycat Deer and Rabbit Repellent

READY IN: 72hrs 5mins
Recipe by AzureLynn

There is a version of "Liquid fence" on the market. I found this works as well, just you have to use it more quickly due to it not having the preservatives in it. It smells bad when you apply it -- this is your warning!! You will need 5 one gallon containers to mix this up. Fast and easy.

Top Review by Mares C.

I think you SAVED my Roses this year!!! I was aghast last week, and could find no readily available culprit...then I spotted the dear sign!The Deer had been eating everything, but really nailed my roses. Now the plants will have a chance. Followed the directions to the T...and it sure does stink! Much more effective than any repellant I've used previously, and lots cheaper. Thanks so much for posting!


  1. Crack open the egg and put it into a gallon container.
  2. Fill the container with water then divide the water into the rest of the gallon containers.
  3. Fill all of them full of fresh water.
  4. Place one crushed clove of garlic in each gallon container.
  5. Let set out for several days.
  6. Use on plants you do not want the deer or rabbits to eat. IT SMELLS NASTY but the smell will dissapate as it dries. You won't be able to smell it after it dries yet the deer and rabbits will.

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