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Yum! This is the soup I love at Panera, so I was glad to find a recipe at all. And this one was excellent. I was glad I read the reviews, though, and used half the flour; it would have been like cement if I had any more! I also used a wild rice instead of the Uncle Ben's because I had it and we're trying to avoid the high-sodium mixes (and I had about 1 1/2 cups already cooked). I used an additional 1/3 cup uncooked rice boiled in 4 cups of broth with finely chopped carrots, celery, onion, and garlic. I also used half & half because that's what I had.

Thanks for posting this recipe, Raquel! I can't wait for something like having the girls over for lunch to make it again!

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Jili April 21, 2011

Oh my, my, my!!! This soup is delicious!!! I had to make a few adjustments since I had the long-cooking Uncle Ben's Rice. I'm assuming this recipe is for the quick-cooking version since it said to pour in the rice and remove from heat. My adjustments were to use 7 cups of broth (to make up for the long-cooking rice soaking up more liquid), 1/2 cup of butter, scant 1/2 cup of flour and 2 cups of heavy cream. I changed the amount of flour because I was afraid of it turning too thick. I knew I could add more later if I needed to. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I have never had Panera's version of this soup......but I can't imagine it tasting any better!!! This was sooooooo yummy!! Thanks so much for posting!!

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catsoplenty January 29, 2011

Panera's rice soup is my absolute favorite! I've been looking for this recipe for about 3 years! I used all ingredients as called for. Soup was just the right texture and thickness. The only thing I will change for next time is the seasoning mix in the rice. I will cut that by at least 1/2. The flavors of the spices were way too intense! Panera's has a subtle flavor and I didn't feel like there was anything subtle about this. Had company for dinner & they all enjoyed it, just too intense for me. Can't wait to try it again, as I can certainly see the potential for this to become my favorite soup at home! I live a long way from Panera's and I crave this soup all winter long! Yum! Yum! It's October so I'm ready to master this! Thanks SOOOOOOO MUCH for the recipe!

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cakeworks October 02, 2011

So good! Loved this and will make all the time. Only used 1 1/2 c. ff half and half and 1 stick butter.

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adopt a greyhound January 06, 2014

I made this for company tonight, and it was loved by all! We served it with garlic toast and salad. I doubled the recipe and decided to adjust a couple of things based in part on other reviews and in part on trying to lower the calorie count. So for a DOUBLE batch, I used 1 cup butter total. And I also therefore cut the flour for the roux to 2/3 cup. I used 3 of the rice-a-roni long grain & wild rice mix (the 4oz. box size), but only 2 of the seasoning packets, and it was perfect. And then I used part evaporated milk and part half n' half for the cream. It really turned out wonderful & we will definitely be making again! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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Colorado Mel April 03, 2012

Just made this tonight. Followed the directions, but did use the 3/4 cup flour and the evaporated milk (what I had). I like the thickness of Panera's soup. I'm thinking I'll use half the seasoning package the next time, and add some tarragon, maybe some white wine.
Otherwise, excellent. (the entire pot is gone btw, kids ate the whole thing).

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ailyrr October 31, 2011

absolutely amazing.

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debdeb121862 January 05, 2011

This was amazing! This soup is creamy and rich-a great comfort food. Made this for my mom after having some medical tests and was just the comfort she needed. It was gone very fast!

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Whatchagotcookin' May 21, 2015

This was delicious! Way better than Panera! I followed the recipe as written and it was perfect. I saw other reviewers had changed it somehow but it didn't turn out like cement as others had written. So yummy I'm definitely making this again! Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous April 07, 2015

I made this last week and it was delicious! Thank you so much, I will definitely make it over and over! I always get this while eating at Panera but they often times are offering it while I'm there so I'm happy to be able to make my own!

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betsyroachthomas February 01, 2015
Copy-Cat Panera Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup