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What a delicious dish! I had tasted a similar recipe in a favorite restaurant and have been hoping to find a version to make at home for several years. Well - this one was perfect. I loved the taste of the sauce - all those ingredients pack in so much great, unique flavor. I chose to add all of the optional veggies and stirred them right in with the noodles, then waited for this to chill a bit before tasting it and like the previous reviewer, sprinkled sesame seeds on top of the finished product. The recipe makes a lot of extra sauce - I found that I only needed about 1 cup (full batch made 2 1/4 cups).

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HeatherFeather March 28, 2003

this is a nice sweet sauce that thickens upon sitting. i think it could have used some more heat, but the kids enjoyed it. i used sambal olek and served this over soba noodles, sprinkled the top with toasted sesame seeds in addition to the julienned vegetables. we have alot of sauce left over, i'm going to use it for chicken tonight.

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chia March 24, 2003

This was very tasty, after I made some slight adjustments. I cut the dressing to a quarter of the recipe, using less soy (2 Tbsp total - next time I might use even less) and 2 Tbsp more peanut butter. Also skipped the hot water and just mixed by hand, sticking it in the microwave for 20 seconds to combine. Forgot to toss the pasta with the sesame oil but didn't miss it. I added all the optional garnishes and used somen noodles (Japanese pasta). Had more than enough dressing from the quarter recipe for 6 oz of pasta with 1 carrot, a small cuke, and green onion (so the full recipe of dressing would probably dress almost 2 lbs of pasta without veg; maybe 1 1/2 lbs with several carrots, cucumbers & green onions added). I always enjoy trying new versions of peanut sauce. Thanks for sharing yours!

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flower7 March 25, 2014

This recipe sounds wonderful. I intend to make it this week.

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Lynn Joanne June 27, 2005
Cool Chinese Noodle in Peanut Sauce