Cool Asparagus and Salmon Salad

READY IN: 18mins
Recipe by Zurie

As we go into summer in the Southern Hemisphere, with temperatures already in the 30 degrees Celsius some days, a cook's thoughts lightly turns to thoughts of salad, to paraphrase Keats or Shelley! I am extremely fond of cold-smoked salmon. We also love green asparagus. Put them together, add a few extra taste notes, and you have a nice salad. This can either be a starter or a light, non-fattening lunch with an icy glass of Sauvignon Blanc! (I used local salmon trout instead of our very expensive imported salmon). Exact quantities are not of great importance here.

Top Review by tracytrebilcox

Now that it's over 100f here in the northern hemisphere, I needed something cool to eat...and still remain on a diet. The only additions were some red bell peppers and pitted Greek olives. LOVE this dish, and will be making it again.

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  1. About the lettuce: I used romaine (Cos) lettuce, and sliced it in strips to make a bed for the salad. This is entirely optional, but it does bulk up the salad.
  2. Earlier in the day, boil the asparagus at a very fast boil, without lid, for about 2 - 3 minutes. Rinse under cold water to stop boiling process, and leave to cool, lightly covered.
  3. Boil the egg for 5 - 7 minutes and let cool.
  4. To serve: arrange shredded or sliced lettuce in a flat dish (if using), arrange asparagus on top, and then separate the salmon slices (usually interleaved with plastic). Roll the salmon strips into small rolls, and arrange next to the asparagus.
  5. Dot the salad with the capers, grate over the egg, and sprinkle with black pepper.
  6. Mix the dressing ingredients by whisking in a bowl until emulsified. Please taste: some people prefer it fairly acidic, and others might want to add a pinch more sugar.
  7. You can make this salad a few hours before serving. Cover with plastic wrap and chill.

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