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This is the way I have cooked my turkey for the last 40 years and my Mother and Aunt before me. It turns out just wonderful.


  1. Stuff your turkey as you normally would.
  2. Open one brown paper bag inside another one.
  3. Butter the inside of the inside bag real well. Slide the turkey into the brown bags, fold up the end of the bags and staple together.
  4. Put the turkey (in bag) into the roasting rack (rack being inside of roasting pan).
  5. Bake at 325 F. for 20 min. per pound.
  6. THAT IS IT! No basting, no nothing. It turns out very juicy, very brown and just plain great!


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The Turkey was wonderful!!! My Husband thought I was crazy when he read the note I left him in the morning when he got up to put it in the oven. when I pulled it out of the oven he said it was the prettiest Turkey he had ever seen, But said lets wait to see what it taste like. when he tried it at my parents he loved it and made sure every one know he was the one who cooked it since he was the one who put it in the oven

Fauna November 24, 2000

I'm sorry, but I tried this method for my Christmas turkey and the results just do not comapare with preparing a turkey the old-fashioned way . . . basting frequently in a roasting pan in a hot oven. The turkey skin did not fully brown and the wings/legs had a distinct steamed texture. This is an easier way of cooking a turkey, but sometimes easier is not better.

Hungarian Gypsy December 27, 2000

I have always used the paper bag method. The trick, though, is not to seal it too tightly. If it is tightly sealed, it will steam. I use the largest size bag, not doubled. Usually there is a printed label on one side. Cut that off and what remains of the bag is enough to cover the largest turkey. Put the turkey on a rack and use the bag to form a tent over the turkey, just tucking it in along the sides. Don't staple it shut because you do want to leave small gaps for the steam to escape. The turkeys turn out moist and perfectly browned.

Ellen E November 08, 2011

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