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I used this recipe for my Wednesday night kid's club cooking class and it was perfect! I made up a big batch of the basic dough and then divided it into 4 of the variations. This recipe fit well into my 'around the year theme'. I used red, green and yellow coloured sugar for the coating.

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* Pamela * September 15, 2008

Wonderful collection and it amazing that the final results for each addition results in a unique cookie with its own texture and taste. From this recipe I made the Mexican Swizzle Sticks which were a hit on my holiday traces. The light amount of cinnamon was just wonderful in these crispy wafers of joy. I will miss you my friend.

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justcallmetoni December 19, 2007

Wonderful!!! These little shortbread-type cookies went down a treat. I made a double batch of the basic recipe and then discovered that the kids had depleted the red and yellow food colouring so ended up with only blue and green coloured sugar to work with. I did find it tricky to get the sugar to really stick to the twirls, mine are not really tidy, but we got the idea. I made both plain cookies and Turkish with and also without the coloured sugars, and Mexican with a half-dip into chocolate and then the hundreds and thousands on top. These made excellent gift baskets for our neighbours and were very well received. I love the idea that dividing a single batch of dough and then adding a little extra to each portion and it makes such a difference to the end result without too much effort at all. This was also my first foray into using coloured sugars.. but not my last. Please see my rating system: an excellent recipe that taste great no matter which way you make it. R.I.P. Cool Monday, you will be missed but not forgotten. These cookies are heavenly.

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kiwidutch December 13, 2007

I haven't made any of these yet, but I love the idea of making all these different cookies from the same basic dough, love how you posted them all together, and love the pictures - what a colorful Christmas cookie tray you must have!

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coconutcream October 21, 2005
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