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This is a delicious recipe! Cookies & Cream is one of my favorite flavors, so I was happy to find this. I used a double boiler for the custard part, I find that helps keep the milk from burning, as well as the eggs from forming lumps when added. The only suggestion I have would be to wait until after churning to stir in the cookies by hand - by adding them as directed before churning the first time I made this, I ended up with brown ice cream from the cookies being pulverized throughout the churning time. Stirring them in by hand at the end only takes a moment, and leaves nice big chunks. Wonderful, easy recipe - thank you for sharing!

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Rebekah of SFD August 27, 2010

Gosh, this is good! I actually was going to leave a no-stars review, just comments, as I thought I had totally flubbed this and would have to make it again, but after tasting it this morning I am so pleased with the results that I am totally comfortable giving this the 5-stars I know it deserves! You see, my Cuisinart ice cream maker makes 1-1/2 quarts of ice cream, but I thought I could get away with cutting this recipe in half and making it. I was wrong; it was too much and I had a big overflow problem, leading to me having to remove some of the liquid mixture from the ice cream maker. This in turn led to the mixture left in the ice cream maker to be way short on cookie bits, unfortunately. And, to further compound things, I think I still left too much in the machine as it was seriously close to overflowing after it churned for about 25 minutes. So, that's a lesson learned for other Cuisinart machine users (I'll cut this in half and then in half AGAIN next time), but let me just say that the ice cream in my freezer right now is so delicious (even if more cookie bits would be welcome)! A couple of notes: in step 6, I strained the mixture into a bowl before refrigerating, just in case there were any egg bits; also, in step 7, I refrigerated for about 3 hours, not 1, then in step 8 I refrigerated the entire mixture for an hour to ensure it was quite cold. Bev, I can't wait to make this again!

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Lennie June 27, 2005

Excellent ice cream. Leave out the Oreos and it works fine as a delicious vanilla ice cream. Note that this recipe makes a full gallon. I had to churn it in multiple batches using my small Krupps.

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cletusdelroy May 04, 2008

I totally loved this! I am not a professional cook, but I found this recipe easy enough for me. My whole family loved it!!

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Chef Langar December 31, 2007
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream