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  1. I can not give exact amounts because it can vary depending upon climate and color depth.
  2. Place powdered sugar in bowl. Add a few drops of food color and a few drops of evaporated milk, stir until blended smooth. If it gets too thin add more powdered sugar. It should be thick.
Most Helpful

Wonderful icing! I love that I could control the color and texture. However, not knowing ingredient amounts, I kept adding more sugar then more milk and before I knew it I had a bowl full of icing and nothing to d with it. lol. Thanks Heather.

Bekah49036 January 13, 2009

Super easy to make. Wonderful recipe! This is the only one and only for me from now on when I make cookies.

ceciinfl December 23, 2013

I ran out of cookie icing when doing a project with the kids and needed some - STAT. You saved the day - the icing was good too! I wish we had just used nothing but yours... next time for sure!

CandyTX August 10, 2008