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These make great little gifts for friends, teachers, etc.. Pick out cute, open, straight-sided cookie cutters for your holiday. 3-4" is a good size. Make the fudge (any solid kind) You can also do layers of different kinds (chill each before adding the next) Fill the cutters and chill to set. You can decorate them either before or after chilling, depending on what you are using: non-pareils, nuts, red-hots, choc chips... and royal icing (the kind that hardens. Use it to attach decorations to hardened fudge.) Put finished cutters in small plastic gift bags that you can get in the cake decor section of Michael's or similar craft store. Tie with a pretty ribbon. I saw some fudge-filled cookie cutters for sale at the Honey-Baked Ham store for $6.99 and $7.99 each! A cute one was a squirrel holding an almond! You can use a hair dryer set on warm/low to help the fudge loosen from the cutter so you can get it out in one piece.

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jilkat25 December 15, 2005

I was just about to post this recipe that I found at the www.bettycrocker.com website! What a great gift idea...

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senseicheryl November 28, 2008

The flavor of this fudge is very tasty. The whole family really enjoyed it. I don't think I'll do it again in the cookie cutters, though. I realized as I was setting them up that I could only use completely open ones, not ones with a ridge or handle, so that reduced some of my options, but that wasn't my problem. Doing the foil, spraying them and then trying to get fudge into them that was setting up fast was a little more work than anticipated. Unfortunately, they didn't look all that great after being popped out, even decorated with sprinkles and nuts. I also did some in a square pan and cut them into squares and they look so much nicer and it was much easier! So I will use this recipe again and again, but I think I'll skip the cookie cutters! ;) Note: it seems like this fudge needs to stay refrigerated, something to keep in mind if using on gift trays.

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Karen=^..^= December 14, 2005
Cookie Cutter Fudge