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This was pretty good, considering that I usually think a salsa has to have cilantro and/or onions in the mix. Even without those ingredients, I made this twice, and enjoyed it. I used 2 jalapenos each time. The blistering technique was new to me; I assumed I didn't need to take it literally and make them totally black; they were about 50% blistered/blackened all around. I thought this technique might've been extraneous, but I really think it made a difference to the taste. I've never seen canned "chopped" tomatoes, so I used diced, and the can sizes were a little smaller, at 14.5 oz. The first time, I forgot to drain the tomatoes, but it didn't seem to make a difference to me. I used 1 level tsp. of garlic salt each time. Unfortunately, I ate this with salted tortilla chips (couldn't find unsalted), so the combination was a bit salty. But I definitely recommend this for a quick, easy salsa.

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spooty3 March 26, 2009
Cooked Red Salsa