Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 10 mins

I had these at a steak house for the first time and loved them. They are good with a variety of things or just by themselves.


  1. Cook the mushrooms in the butter, in a covered saucepan on low heat until done.
  2. You can use the butter for omelets or other cooking like vegetables.
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Cooked mushrooms are a simple and great recipe. I actually recommend using a combination of mushrooms, especially portobello mushrooms. If you find that the butter burns when you make this recipe, then cook the mushrooms with a bit of olive oil until they're almost finished THEN add some butter (this was actually something I learned from one of Gordon Ramsay's shows, and it works much better!). Your mushrooms will taste buttery without all the cleanup!

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These were wonderful with our beef last night. Actually, I think they'd be wonderful with just about anything. DH did insist on adding some garlic, but I don't think they needed it. I could eat a big bowl of these all by themselves! Thanks for posting.

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Really quick and easy! I added a bit of garlic, and did start them in olive oil. Added the butter just before serving. Served these with a delicious steak. Thanks for sharing Dee!