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I am so happy to be the first reviewer of this recipe. It is awesome stuff! I kept snitching from it as it cooled. Since Burnt Toast and I are from the same generation, I figured that her grandmas didn't have microwaves. I just whisked it in the order given in a sauce pan and cooked on the the stove, stirring constantly until it was thickened and then stirred in the butter. It thickens up a lot when it cools, so don't be afraid. It is on the sweet side and would be wonderful on apple salad, cole slaw, or potato salad. I can see why it would be so good with lobster. I used it for homemade ranch and I thought it tasted more like a honey mustard dressing than a ranch dressing. But hubby was thrilled, so that's all that mattered. I'm going to try cutting the sugar and vinegar down in the next batch for a more savory effect. My mom used to make a similar recipe and this one is WAY better! Chef Burnt Toast, thank you for sharing your family recipe. I will treasure it and enjoy making it for years to come!

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Rose is Rose October 04, 2009

This is the best dressing recipe ever!!!! Thank you for sharing!

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Rita M. January 07, 2014

I have been looking for this recipe for years. I was raised on Lancaster Perch rolls and was always looking for a good sauce recipe. My husband loved it and so did I.

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mirmg June 30, 2016
Cooked Mayonnaise (Salad Dressing)