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I haven't used this recipe but I make a cooked eggnog and have for 40 years. THis is what I do different. I mix egg yolks and sugar in top of double boiler over medium heat. I whisk this till lemon colored and mixture is thick. It changes after a few minutes, but doesn't take long. then I follow the rest of the recipe. Mine is a litlle different, but the method works great. I don't use the whites. I have started using fat free cool whip instead of cream. I have never had the need to blend mine.

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grfox33 November 25, 2008

I do not like raw eggs and now . I could make eggnog . HOME made and not from a CAN.

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sadie44 November 28, 2008

This tasted exactly like real, raw-egg, eggnog. Mmmm! However, the custard broke a little despite very gentle heating and diligent stirring. I don't know if using a thermometer would have helped that or not. In any case, that made for an odd texture. I added a pinch of nutmeg to the custard as it cooked since my family always had nutmeg both in the eggnog and on top of it.

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3KillerBs December 28, 2007

WOW!!!!! I have never made eggnog before(never even considered it). This year as my husband has been going through it very quickly at $4.99 for half a gallon I decided there must be a better way. He is an eggnog snob though. He will only drink TG Lee brand. I made this last night and the kids and I tried it this morning. We all think it tastes at least as good as tg lee but most likely better. My husband does not like "thick" eggnog and this recipe fits the bill. He will be home in a bit and I will update to let you know what he thinks. I doubled the recipe and I know it comes out much cheaper than buying. Plus the bonus of no raw eggs.

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Queenofcamping December 16, 2007

I love eggnog, especially homemade but have always been afraid to prepare it with raw eggs. I was happy to find this recipe. Delicious, easy to make, and doesn't require as many eggs as most eggnog recipes do. (I cut the recipe in half .) Also, instead of using a mixer to blend, I placed all the eggnog in a Tupperware container and shook vigorously. For myself, I added a shot of Cap'n Morgan rum! And the freshly ground nutmeg on top is what brings it all together. Forgot the whipping cream though! Oh well, there's always New Year's... Thanks! CG

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COOKGIRl December 18, 2004
Cooked Eggnog