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Another winner from Cook's Illustrated! These beans are so flavorful, the difference from canned beans is astounding. I also like how the beans completely soften but do not fall apart (i.e. the skin stays in tact). On the C.I. website there is an article called "Dried Beans 101" that mentions you can presoak the beans in a "brine" of 3 Tbsp salt to 4 Quarts of water overnight (then rinse thoroughly to remove any salt, and proceed with this recipe using fresh water). This helps to soften the beans if you have mineral-rich hard tap water. Not sure if there is a difference flavor-wise, but I used the brine and my beans came out great! Just thought I would pass that along. Thanks LaJuneBug!

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averybird March 14, 2009

I first brined black soybeans as per Cook's Illustrated recipe, then cooked them all night on low in my slowcooker. I really liked the addition of garlic and bay leaves in the cooking water, but did not add the salt because the brining process flavours them.

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Sweet Baboo February 06, 2011
Cooked Dried Beans - Cooks Illustrated