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The cafeteria at work used to serve a similar quiche (can't remember if it had a name). But the taste was to die for. However, they didn't serve it often, but when they did, you had to arrive early to get some. Then they stopped making it altogether, something about too much time, too hard etc. So, recently while searching the web for a quiche recipe, I lucked upon your site via Google. This quiche is not only easy to make, but the taste is devine (it surpasses my tastebuds' memory of the cafeteria quiche). I made two for our Xmas luncheon and everyone had a piece and several had seconds. The true testimony is I had no less than six requests for the recipe. I responded by e-mailing the link to your website.

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Kay Marsh-Wyrick January 07, 2002

This was excellent. We used hot Italian sausage and the spices were wonderful. [A note to anybody using frozen pie shells (like I did): although the package may say 'deep dish', it probably isn't (the brand we got certainly wasn't, it was just the normal pie size). If you use normal pie size, this recipe will make 2 quiches.] Thanks very much for posting, this will get made often for brunches!

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Titanium Chef May 06, 2002

I tried your recipe this week and my family loved it. It's the first time I tried chorizo. We have a butcher in the neighborhood who makes it,and I picked out about 10 jalapenos before browning the meat - really didn't need the extra spices in this case! I had cut them to a half tespoon, but was still a bit too hot for my 12 year-old's "delicate palate." I'm definitely going to make it again. Hadn't made a quiche in years,and this was so easy and so, SO TASTY. Thanks for sharing it!

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HEP MEP November 09, 2002

I used Canadian bacon because of the lower fat, and I like it better. This was really tasty for a light dinner served with fresh melons.

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Clifford Boren September 29, 2002

This one woke up our taste buds for sure. I thought this was an excellent quiche. It had a wonderful blend of Mexican spices. I used chorizo sausage that I drained real well after frying. I used cream instead of milk and agree that it makes for a richer flavor. We had this for dinner but it would be good for any meal. Thanks Karen.

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ratherbeswimmin' June 13, 2003

This dish is outstanding! We really enjoyed it. I used mild chorizo and drained it well after cooking. To keep it calorie friendly, I did not use a pie crust. I made it crustless by simply spraying a moderate amount of nonstick cooking spray. It worked really well. The seasonings are spot on and well balanced. I thought this was gonna be very spicy but it was not. I cut back on the black pepper by 1/2. The suggested baking time is spot on! Thanks a bunch Karen for sharing this gem. It's a keeper!

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour January 26, 2010

I made this for brunch today. It was quick, easy and we both loved it! I used 3/4 lb spicy ground sausage so that it would fit in one pie crust since it's just the two of us. I had a bit of meat mix left over which will work well in a wrap for lunch tomorrow. Since I was recently diagnosed diabetic, I have to watch my carbs and this recipe, believe it or not is carb friendly. It didn't spike my glucose levels at all! YAY! I also used one cup of "Egg Beaters" instead of eggs and 1/2 cup of 1% milk. The joy of this recipe is it can be tailored to dietary restrictions without losing flavour. Next time I will mix the chilis in with the cooked sausage/onion mixture instead of layering on top of the meat. I didn't want to get bites of just chilies. I served it with lettuce, tomatoes, chopped green onions and a dollop of salsa and sour cream. I tented the foil at the beginning and removed it near the end to prevent the crust from burning. Thanks for a great recipe, Karen!

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Cathy17 June 14, 2009

This was an excellent dinner quiche. Had to use Italian Hot Sausage as the store didn't have chorizo. I sauteed the full can of chilies with the sausage and onions along with 2 cloves of garlic until all of the liquid was evaporated. Times provided were perfect. This is RECOMMENDED!! Guess what I'm having for breakfast.......

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Love to Eat!! June 05, 2009

Is there anything above a 5??? My husband rarely gives anything a 5-star - I think he's always thinking there is "something better" ;-) He couldn't stop raving about this dish and actually suggested we try it as a "Deep Dish Pizza" sometime instead of using a pie crust. I used spicy turkey italian sausage, fat free 1/2 & 1/2, increased green chiles to 8 oz because that's the size can I had, and also increased cheese to 1 cup. I only had one pie crust (store bought deep dish ... it wasn't big enough), so I poured the rest into a small casserole and made it crustless ... still yummy (and preferable to me). We also had enough left over for the next night ... serves up very well as left overs!

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GramCracker June 05, 2009

Very very very yummy - and using nonfat half and half worked surprisingly well. We only wonder why it's not called Con"quiche"tador.

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Mewnshine March 17, 2009
Conquistador Quiche