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I was coming on here to post this recipe for safe-keeping, only to find that you'd already posted it. No problem...I'll review your recipe! :) For anyone wondering whether or not it's worth the time to make this, fret no more! It's a soul-satisfying, lick-your-plate-clean dish that will impress and amaze your guests! If you don't have any guests...don't hesitate to make it for yourself! In the movie, Ratatouille, the food critic is instantly transported back to fond memories of his childhood and his mother's ratatouille. A peasant's dish, they say..? Ahhh, well, if that's the case, those peasants were dining like kings! My husband first discovered and made this recipe when, out of curiosity, he was searching out a recipe for ratatouille, curious as to what dish could make the food critic (in the movie) have such a reaction. In my opinion, this dish is worthy of such a reaction. My hubby made this for me, at my request, for my birthday this year. Major, major brownie points for him. Not only for the time and effort he expended, but for the soul-satisfying, happy-tummy comfort that lingers like a warm hug. Don't mince on the vinaigrette...it's an important part of the overall flavor. And make lots...it won't go nearly as far as you may think, once you and/or your guests try it!

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UnknownChef86 January 14, 2010

I made this for an online group I'm part of and was looking to see if it was already posted. This is a fantastic recipe! We could eat this every day, well worth the hours in the oven as the prep is actually pretty easy. The amount of zucchini, eggplant, and squash called for will make this recipe multiple times, so I'd double the piperade and just make more since everyone will love it so much it won't just serve 4!!

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Scarlett516 July 05, 2008
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