Confetti Latkes

Total Time
15 mins
30 mins

If you're allergic to potatoes (or just don't like them) here is a colorful and tasty rendition for Hanukkah time or anytime throughout the year. Finish with the traditional sour cream if you like. Serve hot as either a main dish or side tonight ... stuff one into a pita for a quick lunch tomorrow.

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  1. Combine all ingredients (except oil). Mixture should be thick enough to hold its shape. Add more matzoh meal if needed.
  2. Drop by tablespoonfuls into very hot oil. Flatten slightly with the back of the spoon.
  3. Fry until golden. Drain on paper towels.
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Very nice. I reduced the amount of onion, and used red and green bell pepper in it's place to increase the "confetti" aspect. Didn't have matzo meal, so used dried bread crumbs instead. What a great way to get your veggies! Thanks for sharing.

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I had to modify this recipe quite a bit due to lack of zucchiniu and carrots. I used 4 bell peppers and 2 yellow zucchini. I didn't have any matzo meal so I used flour instead. After all of the modifications, it turned out really good! It made a lot of latkes!

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Major yum! We are certainly not going to be throwing this confetti around, we're going to be hogging them selfishly! Okay, I might share with guests. Very good, and the perfect blend of veggies to matzo meal, not too loose, not too bready. I cut back a tiny bit on the carrots and added some shredded red bell pepper for even more color. Fantastic with sour cream (how else are you supposed to eat latkes?)! Thanks!!!!!