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1/13/11 - A very good salad! I followed the recipe, using the olive oil, Dijon, dried onions, garlic powder, grape tomatoes, cilantro and orange bell pepper options. I think the only thing I'd change in the future is to cut back on the oil and add a little extra spice. The cilantro is a great addition, compared to parsley, because of it's strong presence, but I still think the overall flavor could use a seasoning boost. Thanks for sharing your creation, Ev! Made & enjoyed for Hidden Gems - Winter 2010
1/18/11 - UPDATE: Evelyn, DS and I literally inhaled this salad over the course of 3 days. I'm actually making it again right now because we've been craving it for the 3 days since we ran out! I can't even express what a delicious salad creation this is and with my new gluten free diet, this turns out to be a very satisfying snack or lunch during the day; the two most difficult meals on the GF diet. Thanks again for submitting it! :D

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**Tinkerbell** January 28, 2011
Confetti Bean and Rice Salad