Compota De Peras (Pear Compote)

READY IN: 25mins
Recipe by NorthwestGal

Pear Compote (called Compota de Peras in Spain) is a dessert that is very easy to make. It's served all throughout the various regions of Spain, and is especially common in fall and winter when some of the best pear varieties are in season. In some homes in Spain, it is a traditional to serve this at Christmastime and other special occasions. It can be served warm or at room temperature, which is great because you can save a lot of time by making it in advance and serving it later. I've seen this recipe on various websites, but I got these exact measurements from the Just Spain tourist website. I use Bosc pears because they retain their shape during cooking, but you can use any variety of firm pear.

Top Review by Cook In Southwest

The only difference between this and canned pears is the lemon and cinnamon, so don't get all excited that this is a fancy recipe. It isn't. However, it does provide a nice way of presenting pears. I cut mine up into chunks and served it with ice cream. It was tasty without a doubt. The lemon lightened and brightened the pears but did not overpower them, and the cinnamon was just a little warm background taste. There was a ton of extra liquid, so if you want to cut that back, you could. (Just modify the amount of sugar as well.)

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  1. Place pears in saucepan with all the remaining ingredients, and bring to a boil over medium heat. Cook 10 to 15 minutes or until the pears are very soft but still hold their shape.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool a little.
  3. Serve warm or at room temperature with some of the cooking sauce.
  4. NOTE: For a birthday celebration, I served these with the pears whole (which I peeled but didn't core, and I cooked them whole). It provided only 2 servings though. But you can cut the pears in half, remove the core, and you'll get double the servings.

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