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these were very good. you have to like/want soft cookies, though. these aren't at all crisp. they are best if they are slightly underbaked. the ones that were browned around the edges (ie baked longer) didn't have as good a texture. they were bordering on cake like. the ones baked for less time were dense and chewy. the cookies have a great taste. you can taste the whole wheat, but that is not a negative. It actually gives the cookies character. I can't see that the cornstarch made much of a difference in these cookies. I don't know what it was supposed to do, but there wasn't anything special I noticed. (I have baked over 100 different chocolate chip cookie recipes, so I guess I have experience in this area!) I didn't use the milk and don't think it is necessary, especially given how soft the dough is. I also didn't add extra flour as suggested as an option in the recipe.

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valchemist July 01, 2006
Complex Chewy Gooey Good Chocolate Chip Cookies