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This mousse has good flavor, but it separated horribly. I have prepared many mousse recipes and I have never had such terrible results. I was very dissappointed.

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ivette4830 July 20, 2008

Sepparation: Is all about the chocolate! I prepared the Mousse as directed, but used two types of chocolate (dark & white) to layer them. I beated all the egg-whites together & the cream also all together. So those items were not the problem. I sepparated the meringue in two big bowls & the cream in two big bowls. I added the melted chocolate to each whipped cream bowl. When I mixed the dark "halves" the mousse held fine. When I then went and mixed the whitec chocolate/whipped cream mixture w/the megingue, it all deflated! Amazing experiment! I used Girardelli baking chips for the dark one & the real chocolate bar for the white one. The lesson: be careful with the chocolate you use: It may make a world of difference!

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verodcook January 21, 2012

Loved this one,great taste, really nice light texture. The only change I made was I used blackberries instead of the raspberries (no fresh ones in the store). The kids loved this and were fighting over who got the last one . I settled it. Great stuff. Thank you

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Marlitt March 20, 2008

I love white chocolate mousse and this is an excellent one - smooth and creamy. Extremely easy to eat in quantity. I decided to reduce the fat slightly by just using half and half instead of the heavy cream called for in the recipe. This substantially reduced the fat content (per serving) from 33.2g to 16.8g in my variation! Half the fat! Calories also dropped from 520 in the original to 383 in the revised making this luscious dessert even easier to eat. Thank you Chef Kate!

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evelyn/athens May 26, 2007

I love chocolate mousse and have made chocolate mousses many times with bittersweet and white chocolate. This recipe here is a little bit different, as it uses a lot of egg whites which makes it very fluffy and I guess a little bit lighter than recipes that are more cream based. One problem, though, that we discovered both times I used this recipe is that probably due to the big amount of egg whites a sauce was built at the bottom of the dishes after just half a day or even less time. My advice therefore is that if you are planning to serve this to your guests then don't make it a long time in advance. The sauce at the bottom melts into the raspberry sauce which is actually not that bad after all. It will still taste delicious. The raspberry sauce is a nice addition and this is a great recipe if you just plan to make white chocolate mousse. I say this because I often make a white and a bittersweet chocolate mousse, but then would serve the two together on a plate with a fruit sauce and maybe some whipped cream on the side. However, Kate's recipe is very elegant as such and does need nothing else. Thank you Kate for a different and very delicious chocolate mousse recipe.

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tigerduck July 15, 2006

Kate, What a winner of a recipe! DH isn’t a fan of white chocolate and he had his mind changed by this dessert. “I didn’t think I liked white chocolate …I could get used to THIS, not bad at all, ” he says…. LOL. I made it first as 2 portions for Zaar Word Tour II 2006 and a week later doubled the recipe when it made an appearance as dessert at an AGM buffet lunch meeting that was held at our house. The only change in the recipe I made was that the second time I made it I added more brandy to the sauce at DH’s request :) Our 15 guests wiped the dish clean and demanded the recipe. Many comments were made about how nice it was to find the refreshing raspberry sauce at the bottom and that the white chocolate and raspberry worked really well together. I will be writing this one down in my handwritten family cookbook and no doubt it will be in great demand as word leaks out about how good this is… Please see my rating system, an excellent 5 stars J Thanks !

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kiwidutch July 03, 2006

OMG this is so good. Dave thought it tasted like homemade ice cream. I doubled the sauce and I'm really glad I did because I don't think it would have been enough. This is so elegant and I'd serve it to any dinner guest. Thanks so much for posting.

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~Nimz~ January 13, 2006
Commander's Palace White Chocolate Mousse