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The red wine vinegar and wild rice was a great taste combination. I did not know if you meant 1-cup dry or cooked wild rice. So I cooked a 4-ounce box of rice, which after being cooked was 1 1/2 cups. I put everything together the night before but waited until it was time to serve to add the nuts. The raisins plumped up nicely since I made it the night before. Next time I want to make this using the dried cherries. Thank you Ducky, I will be taking this too many family gathering to come!!

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Charlotte J January 28, 2003

My oh my oh my!! Ducky, thank you so much for suggesting this recipe for the funeral I was in charge of food for. I made a double recipe of this and it was the MOST popular dish by farrrr... it went so fast people were complaining to me that they didn't get any and had heard such great things about it! This was delicious to say the least. I will be making this over and over and over... I have already promised several people I would bring this to their homes the next time I come over. I cannot thank you enough for this awesome recipe, and for being kind enough to suggest it in response to my funeral recipe plea. This would not have been more perfect! Dianne

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Pianolady January 03, 2004

Fresh & colorful, I added celery & yellow pepper. I made it the night before for a potluck. Many, many compliments on this salad. Thank you for sharing-Delicious!!!

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Abiroo April 07, 2010

Love it. Used an "Exotic Rice Blend" with a combination of wild and red rice. Delicious and so simple.

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A Messy Cook April 03, 2010

This was delicious! The grocery did not have wild rice so I used Forbidden Rice which is kind of purple - that made it really colorful!!! The texture and taste were similar so all was fine. Everyone asked for your recipe and I was happy to share it. This would be great for my gluten free friends instead of pasta salad - or a potluck. Thank you!

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Candy C August 08, 2009

Great salad. All 10 guests asked for the recipe. We all enjoyed this very much. Thanks.

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talk2sabby2 January 04, 2009

We love this! Don't be put off by the time estimate. It doesn't have to take this long. If I want to speed it up a bit I spread the cooked rice out in a pan so it will cool faster. And it really doesn't hurt anything if it's not totally cool before mixing, though you do want to chill it before you eat it (it's better after it sits a bit, anyway). I also use pre-shredded carrots and packaged slivered almonds, which makes the prep really simple and quick. I'm thinking about adding cooked lentils sometime; I think the flavor would go nicely.

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JT in Ohio August 14, 2008

What a beautiful salad! I have made it twice now to rave reviews. The first time it accompanied a Minnesota dinner of fresh caught Walleye and fresh picked Morel mushrooms. I added a stalk of diced celery both times and the second time also added some diced yellow pepper. I used dried cranberries for the fruit and a mix of walnuts and almonds for the nuts. The first time I used the honey in the dressing and the second time I left it out and didn't notice a difference. The salad was easy to make, very pretty to look at and the flavors went well together with no one thing over powering the others. I was afraid the nuts would get soggy with sitting but they didn't. Will definitely make this again.

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Pinkytz May 18, 2008

Terrific! As usual, I wasn't terribly impressed when I first tasted it (right after I'd made it). I checked it again just now, several hours after it has been refrigerated, and it's wonderful -- the flavors have blended beautifully. I made it exactly as written, using a half cup of dried cranberries and a half cup of raisins. The only change was to use cashews, just 'cause that's what was on hand. This is a lovely autumn side dish, and I'll definitely make it again. Thanks for posting it!

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KLHquilts November 06, 2007

This is a truly outstanding salad/side dish; so colorful (using dried cranberries) and texturally interesting, not to mention addictively delicious. Only change I will make next time is to use 6T each of the oil and vinegar. I'd prefer the rice a bit more moist.Along with blackeye peas this made a great New Year's Day prosperity guarantee and I'm looking forward to enjoying it in the heat of summer as well.

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sugarpea November 04, 2007
Colorful Wild Rice Salad