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Haven't actually BAKED these yet but I know they're gonna be beautiful and the dough tastes good! I'm rating now b/c I want to get down the stuff I did so I won't forget. :) Followed the instruction to the letter. Used 4 mini candy canes (easy to crush with a rolling pin in their individual packages) and 4 drops of food coloring to get the perfect pink-red that I wanted. I used 3 drops of green in the top part of the dough... which really makes the nonpareils stand out. I ended up kneading the melted chocolate into the dough (on waxed paper) b/c it was stiff. I spread the chocolate on the dough, folded one side over, pressed, and kept repeating until the chocolate was fully incorporated into the dough. I used a mixer w/ the red and green portions. I pressed each color dough out into aan appx 9x5" rectangle before putting into the paper lined loaf pan, which made it much easier to press into exact shape. I lined the pan using a trick my mother taught me about tracing the bottom of a pan onto the waxed paper using the back side of a knife. I then cut wedges out of the corners and the waxed paper fit perfectly with no wrinkles! The dough is now in the frig chilling and I will bake later today. Will return to post "taste/texture" comments. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I know we're going to enjoy the cookies! EDITED TO ADD: The cookies are baked and cooling and the only "problem" with them is staying out of them! The cookies are tender and have the most delicate blend of flavors; not too much of one... Yummmmm! These cookies are now on my permanent "have to make for Christmas" list! Thanks so much for posting this recipe, Parsley! It's fabulous!

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Impera_Magna December 24, 2006

I am wondering how you get 50 servings out of one loaf pan. I can't figure that out. I didn't make these yet, but I plan to. I need 7 dozen for a cookie exchange, so 2 pans should do it. Just wondering.

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Shery S. December 03, 2015

I made these and they are fabulous! Everyone raved how delicious they are that I will make them again this Christmas! :) Cindy

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Cindykrenke December 03, 2012

My first Icebox cookies. These come out so pretty! Not to mention addicting. I love butter cookies, but I've never had any luck rolling the dough. I'll definately be making these for The Holidays this year. Mine were perfect at 10 minutes, and to browned at 11 minutes. So watch um! I used peppermint extract since I just got it, but the next time I will use the candies! Only thing I might change is a larger layer of the chocolate dough :) But then, that's just me. Thanks Parsley!

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Nikoma October 07, 2008
Colored Striped Icebox Cookies