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I can't stop eating this. My daughter needed to bring a snack for the letter "P" for her Pre-K class. I thought of "pink popcorn" and THEN I had to find the recipe for it (after I had promised her, of course). So I quickly had to find another recipe after coming up with a sticky messy blob of popcorn from one of those jello popcorn recipes (blech). I love how this keeps the popcorn separate and sweetened. I doubled the candy syrup the recipe for slightly more than double the popcorn, so that it wouldn't be too sweet. It tastes great, but didn't cover 100% -- about 80% is covered, but that's okay, they're 4 year olds! I also added a little bit of fine sea salt to temper the sweetness (kind of kettle-corn tasting). I think I've found a new tradition...

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BikeBookBread November 24, 2008

Coloring popcorns in my own kitchen was a very interesting experience. I could imagine that kids would go apeshit for this. Will make it again when I have kids. lol... Thanks for the fun recipe!

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SharonChen November 12, 2013

HI i used to buy colored popcorn .But after i tried this recipe with my kids they really enjoyed it and they love it i don't think i ,m going to buy it anymore home made is the best :) thanks .

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emaneil August 21, 2013

We used this for "Hop on Pop Popcorn" for my son's Dr Seuss themed birthday party. Came out perfect and was so yummy! Not sticky or goopy at all like those awful koolaid and jello recipes. Thanks for sharing. We will definitely be making this again in the future!

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Piper C July 09, 2012

This is going to be such a hit at Christmas! Made it with red coloring and for the holidays I'll make some green too. I didn't use icing sugar. I poured the syrup on the popcorn and baked it in the over until was dry and not sticky anymore. My DD doesn't like anything sticky on her fingers, she goes:"Yucksee!"

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littlemafia December 12, 2009
Colored Popcorn