Cole Slaw - No Mayo

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Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

A low fat mayo free alternative.

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  1. shred the cabbage into a large bowl.
  2. in separate bowl, prepare the dressing by mixing the vinegars, dijon mustard, sugar, celery seed, caraway seed, and pepper. mix well.
  3. pour over cabbage and mix well. serve chilled.
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We loved this! I made it to go with pulled pork sandwiches we were having at my hubby's BD party. I don't really care for mayo, but really love the crunch of cabbage on pulled pork, so I looked up lots of "no mayo" recipes and this one seemed like it would suit my taste and pair up with the sandwiches the best. Many of our friends were unsure if they would like it, but we encourged everyone to try at least a bit on their sandwich and they all loved it. I've now been asked to make pulled pork sandwiches with this slaw for my BIL's BD party this weekend! I also used it on pork tacos and that was good too. It's a keeper! Thank you!

5 5