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sorry for the delay in reviewing this, but here's the story-- i had made a bunch of disappointing recipes. made the dressing for this, tasted it, and said-- too vinegary, so, i refrigerated it. by the way, i am able to buy toasted crushed sesame seeds here and thats what i used, and put all the ingredients in my good old fashioned shaker cruet and shook my heart out. the next day i tasted the dressing again, and lo and behold! the flavors had blended, and this was awesome with soba noodles, some fresh cucumber, scallions, and an extra shake of toasted sesame-- a keeper for sure, ty mirj

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chia June 22, 2003

Great recipe! I was in the mood for something fast and easy and I made this in no time! I added a little more soy sauce after I mixed the sauce and noodles together, but only because I'm a salt freak and for me the sesame flavor was a little overwhelming, but other than that I loved it and will be making again!

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I_heart_seitan May 26, 2008
Cold Sesame Noodle Salad