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Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

We frequently boil this during the cold and flu season. We use it more as a prevention than a cure, but it can help to keep germs down and lessens the possibility of making other family members sick. It also smells great so it isn't a problem to keep it brewing. I put zero cook time because it isn't a set time and is up to the person how long they want it to brew.


  1. Put all ingredients to a large pot.
  2. Fill with water.
  3. Bring water to a boil and reduce to slow simmer.
  4. Refill pot as necessary with water and fresh ingredients.
  5. (I usually refill with water as needed and fresh ingredients once a day.) Notes: This can also be made and put into a tin can on heaters like your grandparents used to do or in a large tin can on a wood burning stove.
  6. All of these ingredients have healing properties that ("may"<—legal disclaimer) clean the air of viral and bacterial critters.
  7. It also"may" help to relieve some cough and sinus symptoms.
  8. Boiling plain water will help warm a room but adding the above ingredients can help clean the air.


Most Helpful

I've only made this the one time, so I can't attest as to its air-cleaning or sniffle/cough-relieving properties. But I will say it was incredibly easy to throw all the ingredients into a pot, and it made the house smell WONDERFUL!!! I think I'll be using this recipe a lot!

bunkie68 November 07, 2003

This is just wonderful, pretty much used it like a aromatherapy for my room...there is a horrid flu bug going around at the moment. Love the smell, will be using any excuse to do this again. thank you so much

KitchenManiac November 09, 2003

This is amazing how it smells great. Thanks Swor :) Made for Alphabet chef tag game

Boomette April 19, 2011

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