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Mini. R, as I am a newbie and don't know how to respond specifically to you, I'm posting here, hope you find it.. I don't grease my pan, but I use a Corningware casserole dish when I make this, and I've never had trouble with anything sticking on that won't come off with a lil' soak in hot water. The bit of sauce that kinda bubbles up on the upper edge of the pan does 'carmelize' (or burn) a lil' bit, but not too bad, and nothing has stuck on to the bottom in my experience. Thanks for your inquiry!

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MapleLeafLili Hill March 23, 2003

I was in search of something different to make with the chicken leg quarters that I had pulled from the freezer and I decided to try this. I used 7 chicken leg quarters and increased the measurements to 1 1/2 cups of each--our family likes sauce.I added 1/3 cup of "Kraft Onion" bar-b-que sauce, 1 tsp of garlic powder, 1 tsp of celery salt and I also sprinkled each piece of chicken with chili powder. I did end up baking it for about 2 hours because my chicken had not fully defrosted when I put it in the oven. The results were surprisingly good.(Who would have thought of Coke and Chicken??) The chicken was very moist and the sauce was tasty.It was a real hit with my 4 year old as she ate as much of it as I did!!

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* Pamela * March 23, 2003

Doesnt this require greasing of dish or adding some kind of fat/oil/butter etc. as the ingredients might just stick to the bottom while in the oven and might burn considering the time and temperature you have mentioned for the recipe. Please share your views on this. I wonder if you have tried this yourself. [Editor's Note: recipe updated as a result of these comments 3/24/03]

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Mini Ravindran March 23, 2003

My best friend's family, when I was a kid, always used equal parts coke and ketchup to make their BBQ sauce for grilled chicken. I loved it! So easy and yet very tasty. I don't remember what brand ketchup they used but I'm sure that might make a difference since some are sweeter than others. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) June 06, 2005

I wish I had paid attention to "Pamela in Winnepeg's" comments before I fixed this. Preparing it as it's given wasn't very good to me. The ketchup made the dish too sweet (unless you love-e-e ketchup) and the coke altered the texture of the chicken without giving it any real "taste" that I could tell. Maybe if I'd doctored it up a bit with some seasonings it would've been better. I won't fix this again. I don't think Coke goes so well on chicken as it does on other meats like pot roast or brisket 'cause I don't like what it does to the texture of the meat.

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Freda2 Brown April 29, 2003
Coke Chicken