Coke and Salted Peanuts

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Recipe by Bone Man

I love nostalgia food -- and this one came from the late 1950's, early '60s. AND... this particular concoction was consumed exclusively by GIRLS when I was in school. Finally, I tried it (in a secret place where no one would see me!) and it was fantastic! In those days, they had the little 6-ounce Cokes in glass bottles. Now, I think the "new" (copycat) little Coke bottles are 7-ounces but that will work just fine. The second ingredient, a small pack of salted peanuts, is easy enough to obtain. The girls at my school always bought "Tom's" brand from the vending machine but that was probably a local thing. I told my daughter about this when she was in high school (the '90s) and she started the trend all over again because she and her girlfriends all loved it! Be careful not to choke when you try this! *.*

Top Review by cookiemakinmama

this is great! my daddy taught me this in the early 80's. he was a truck driver and would take me w/ him on short trips--we would have this treat every time. thank you for posting this it has brought back wonderful memories!

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  1. Pour the small packet of peanuts into the ice cold coke and drink/chew.
  2. NOTE: This seems no good with a glass of Coke -- it has to be the little bottle.
  3. TIP If you want your cokes SUPER-COLD, stand them straight up in a cooler of ice (up to the necks) and then carefully pour some rock salt around on the ice. Be careful -- too much salt will cause them to freeze solid! Don't get salt on the caps or you'll taste it in the pop. This is an old Carnival sales trick.

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