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This is excellent!!! I only made a small portion of this recipe.. otherwise I would have been jumping off the walls... from either the coffee or the sugar rush hehehe. Its so creamy and delicious.. you must try this. Dont forget the sugar... its vital lol... :-) The whipped cream just makes this so splendid! (I love whipped cream hehehe) THANK You SO MUCH!!! I'll definitely use this if I have a nice get together with some friends. I'll probably use this as dessert ;-)

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love4culinary April 01, 2003

This was great. Even people who didn`t like coffee drank it. Yummers!!

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carlaj June 02, 2003

* * * Made for Comfort Cafe 2009 * * * This was very good! I had company this weekend, and whipped it up for us. I put everything into a Quick Stir Pitcher (Pampered Chef) which is excellent for this type of drink. I even put the ice cream in it. It made it almost like a shake. It was great. I also left out the whipped cream, but that was by each persons choice. I love flavored coffees (with LOTS of cream or ice cream), so I bet this would be good with those too. Thanks MizzNezz for posting!

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Becky in Wisconsin January 18, 2009

I brought this for a Christmas party and everyone oohed and aahed over it. The whipping cream wasn't necessary, because it is so frothy and delicious already. The cinnamon was an excellent touch.I will cut up the ice cream into chunks next time so it melts quicker. I'll definately use this one again.

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Carob December 12, 2008

My BIL actually made the punch and he didn't follow the directions. He didn't chill it or pour the coffee mixture over the ice cream but it was still great. A keeper all the way, I can't wait to make it again but chilled. Thanks MizzNezz for another great recipe.

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Margie99 January 03, 2007

I used this recipe for an engagement party for a friend's daughter and it was wonderful! In October we will be using it for our daughter's engagement party! The nutrition facts are a bit unsettling but for a special event - what the heck! Thank you so much for this family favorite!

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Jill Kusek August 27, 2006

I served this punch at a function for apprx. 70 people. It was a work related training session and I used it for the afternoon break. Several people came back for seconds. It was a huge success. I will use this recipe again and again. Thanks so much.

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Pampered Chef August 29, 2005

July 29th, 2004: This sounds wonderful! I am imagining it with, perhaps, some Hershey syrup (maybe 1/2-1 cup) and a quality french vanilla ice cream. And if you\'re feeling really flush/adventurous, maybe a few well-placed sprinkles of cinnamon on top of the whipping cream. (Sorry, MizzNezz...no offense. I am one of those incurable recipe tinkerers. I have been very impressed, however, with the quality of your recipe collection. Kudos! And thanks for sharing!) ;o) August 1, 2005: It took me just over a year to get around to trying this recipe, although it's been rattling around in my brain since I first read it! And it was just as good as I imagined it would be! I made this last night to take to my DH's boss's potluck birthday party, and you should have seen and heard the reactions of people when they tried it! It would have warmed your heart! I had numerous people ask me for the recipe, and it is such an easy recipe to put together, I was able to rattle it off from memory. The coffee wasn't quite as chilled as it should have been, but it didn't seem to affect the punch overall. I made the punch exactly as the recipe called, except after it was assembled I sprinkled some grated sweet chocolate (I used Hershey's) over the top of the whipped cream dollops. It made for a very nice presentation, and the little bits of chocolate were fun to run into when drinking the punch. My DD, who had arrived at the party separately from us, tried it and fell in love with it. She came up to me later, wide-eyed and effusively said, "I didn't know YOU brought that punch...can you make that for our wedding reception?!?" (she's getting married this October). Thank you so much, MissNezz, for a wonderful ten star recipe...one that will be going into my personal, handwritten cookbook! :D

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UnknownChef86 August 01, 2005
Coffee Punch