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I've just finished making these delicious little meringue cookies. I made the first batch on a nonstick cookie sheet and the next batch on a parchment paper covered tray. Definitely better using the paper. Thanks for posting. They're delicious.

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Dreamer in Ontario December 16, 2007

Not posting my final review as there may have been chef error here. Made these as stated and found myself with more than 50 kisses from a half batch. Should note that with the addition of the small amount of vinegar resulted in the stiffest, glossiest and most workable whipped whites in my experience with this sort of cookie. I baked them for 11 minutes and turned the oven off. The cookies were very soft and tender, like a macaroon. Unfortunately, they remained stuck to the pan. Turned the oven back on and baked another 4 minutes, now they were a dry merengue which I don't think was intended. The results were divine none the less with a deep intense coffee flavor and just the right level of sweetness. Planning to try again.

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justcallmetoni August 30, 2007
Coffee Kisses