Coffee House Milk Shakes

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Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

It goes in the same line as the coffee.

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  1. Place 1 cup cooled brewed double-strength coffee, 2 cups softened ice cream and add-ins in blender container; cover.
  2. Blend on high speed until thickened.
  3. Pour into 3 chilled tall glasses.
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I used the chocolate ice cream and caramel ice cream syrup and thought this was delicious! I brewed a pot of double-strength coffee and though I enjoyed it, I am going to experiment a little and try using espresso as I really love a strong mocha-flavored drink. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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I used butter pecan ice cream & PB. I thought it'd be different but tasty. I blended well but the nuts never really meshed with anything else. The coffee just had a weird flavor with the PB. Sorry! I think next time, I'd def use a different combo. Very easy to make though. Thx.