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I have never had this or any other cake/pastry at Starbucks, so I can't really compare it, but it was a simple recipe for coffee cake. I would probably suggest starting w/less butter for the topping and gradually add more as needed for the correct consistency...mine came out a little too "wet" because I put it al in at once, then again, I also melted the butter, maybe that's what the problem was? The cake wasn't very thick either, maybe use a smaller pan next time so it's not so flat. But the taste was great, and I love the topping, kinda crunchy, I only had chopped walnuts.

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J e l i s a November 26, 2002

I made this wonderful cake tonight and it was a great hit!!! It does taste like star bucks Coffee Cake. DON"T MELT BUTTER make just as the recipe says. Just checking at about 40. Min.

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Deb Misseri December 11, 2002

Ok this was very good! I've made this twice in the last week. The first time I made it in a bundt pan. So the topping became the bottom. I made it again yestrerday in a 9x13 pan and made double the topping. I put about 1/2 the batter in the ban then put 1/2 the topping on top of the batter. Then carefully spread the rest of the batter on top. Put the remaining topping on and then bake as directed. It was very good this way, with the ripple of the topping going through the middle.

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Kathy-Lynn March 29, 2010

I made this and doubled the topping which I probably didn't need :) Also added a teaspoon almond extract to batter. I used a cup of chopped almonds because that was what I had. This cake, WOW..... so rich and heavy. I didn't like the cake hot, or the almonds right away, but the next day it was heavenly!!! Mmmmm...It gets better with time. I will be making this over and over..family loved it! YUM! Thank you. :) 6/4/16=made again... and upped the topping to 1 1/2. I don't know how I doubled the topping last time. It hardly raised this time. It's all topping and barely any cake. Still great but next time,no extra topping...wow.

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Mariellyn25 June 05, 2016

This is so delicious, and everyone absolutely adores it. It's a crowd pleaser for sure, and is in my 'emergency' recipe bank for unexpected visitors, or if I am visiting someone spontaneously. Definitely use softened butter. Leave it out until it reaches room temperature. I always cut it up into small cubes/chunks so that it warms up faster. Then cut the butter into the topping mixture - you don't need anything fancy, just a wide bowl and two knives.

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Soo Bosal November 26, 2015

I worked for a Conference Center and we made this countless times for events. Cannot tell you how many compliments we got! Very yummy and fairly simple to make. Does use a lot of butter, but that's not a negative in my book, unless the cost of butter goes up.

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Arianna George January 25, 2014

Awesome! Came out great even in my temperamental oven!!

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Sumisan June 30, 2013

I made this last night to bring over to our neighborhood's HOA meeting this morning. It turned out quite good, but I did think there was too much topping. I think it needs all of it in order to cover the entire surface, but I scraped a lot of it off when I was eating it. I just don't like it too sweet personally. Overall, a very nice tasting coffee cake. Thank you!

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Grace Lynn July 23, 2011

This was delicious! I made this for church camp and was told that it was "the highlight of the week." I made it thick (about 2"). I doubled the leavening because of how large the batch was. I also used a spatula to push some of the topping down into the batter, which made it super yummy!

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Da Huz July 09, 2011

I made this over the weekend, while my 6 year old grandson was visiting, we loved this coffee cake. Thanks for posting.UPDATE: Grandson ask for this cake everytime he comes over. So I making this cake often, thanks again.

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Pioneer Nana September 10, 2010
Coffee House Coffee Cake