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These muffins were excellent! They really did taste like little coffeecakes. I was too lazy to measure the batter and put the filling in between, so I sprinkled it over the top before I baked it. It tasted great, but it was messy getting them out of the pan! Next time I'll take the time to put it in the middle where it belongs!

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Joy1996 January 28, 2003

These muffins are really nice! I baked them this evening specially for my cousin bro. who has come down from Doha, Qatar two days back(he's on holiday and loves to eat cakes, cookies, sweets, etc)! I used almonds as a substitute instead of walnuts and margarine instead of shortening and butter. To make these slightly guilt-free, I used low-fat milk;) The most important thing - I combined the mixture of the filling and the dough in one large bowl(I'd made them separate first but the dough batter seemed really tight and once I added in the filling batter, I was able to mix better and felt confident that the end product would be good). I'm so glad I took this step because I wouldn't want to look like a dummy, lol:) I baked these at 180C for 20 minutes - came out as though I'd just picked them up from the bakery! Thanks for a great recipe!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 01, 2003

Simply amazing. I made a batch for DW to take to a baby shower. As other reviewers suggested, I added 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1 tbsp milk to the batter. I was able to get 14 regular sized muffins (I actually doubled the batter and added ingredients). I could have made more, but because of a slight mistake, which worked out quite well, I chose not to. I layered the batter and filling as directed, but I also put filling across the tops of the muffins. The filling on top turned into a glaze that added a nice layer of flavor. My kids are bugging me to make more. I have to say I'm spoiled now. Every coffee cake muffin I eat from now on I will compare to these! Thanks Shortstuff for this outstanding recipe.

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rtropin March 21, 2014

These were just ok to me. I was looking for something more light and fluffy and these were pretty dense. I added cinnamon to the batter at the suggestion of others but I would also recommend adding some vanilla as these were pretty bland. DO NOT overfill your muffin tins as they will make a huge mess of your oven. The batter is very thick and a little difficult to work with. These may be better in actual coffee cake form instead of muffins. The filling was excellent but I probably won't be making these again.

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amanda_c March 06, 2010

My kids really enjoyed these. I will double the batter next time as I ended up with only 7 muffins and a lot of leftover filling. Would have loved to have gotten a full pan of these because they baked up so pretty and it's always a bonus to bake something my kids will both eat (very picky palates). These are a keeper. Thanks for posting. P.S. I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the batter and would definitely do that again.

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Epi Curious February 15, 2010

These muffins are delicious! I substituted margarine for the shortening and omitted the walnuts and they tasted great. They are light and fluffy and taste just like coffee cake...and the filling is soo good!

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vanessa2474 November 10, 2009

bakerynana, really nice,I used coconut flavoring doubled the recipe.I will make them again. next time I will make it as a cake and swirl in the topping maybee add a little fruit. sold a lot of coffee cake at my bakery.

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bakerynana August 21, 2009

These were alright but next time I make them I will make some changes like layering in more of the filling and thinning down the batter.

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Chef busy bee August 11, 2008

My husband and I both thought these were good and they did taste just like coffeecake. However, I made a couple of changes before making them for the first time, and if I were to make them again (which I likely will!) there are a couple of other things I would do differently as well. First, based on other reviewers' suggestions, I added 1 tsp vanilla to the batter, and I also added about 1 tbsp extra milk to the batter too to thin it out a little more (beware, the dough is very sticky to work with!). I also added some cinnamon to the batter itself just to give it a little extra flavor. In the future, I would probably double the "filling" mixture and alternate the batter and filling in layers to give it extra sweetness throughout, rather than just layering in the filling one time. Also, I would advise anyone making this to try not to fill your muffin cups too far, because these do rise and the filling melts and will ooze out the sides when baking. I got 9 regular-sized muffins out of this. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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Outnumbered By Peanuts June 11, 2008

Yum, yum, yum! There are little coffeecakes! I will be making these again.

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***chef katie*** September 12, 2007
Coffee Cake Muffins