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Wonderful! The best tasting homemade coffecake I've ever tasted and so easy. The only change I would recommend in the directions is, if you are going to use a Bundt Cake Pan- Sprinkle the Mixture(powder,nuts) on first, then pour in your batter, then pour in more of the mixture(powder,nuts),then the rest of the batter so when you flip it over it will appear on the top. Enjoy! Served this with Overnight Egg Bake #19970. An easy and wonderful brunch prepared the night before.

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nowskinny March 28, 2002

We took this cake to church this morning to have with coffee. It was devoured!! I was a little upset that there was none left to bring home with me! This is a great and simple recipe. It's much less sweet than most other cakes which makes it a perfect breakfast item. Next time I might add more walnuts, but the recipe is great just the way it is. Thanks Marj!

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Jill Jump March 21, 2004

INCREDIBLE! SO MOIST! I may fiddle with the topping, I like the combo in the middle of the cske, but it got a bit brittle on the top... still, the cake was delicious. My hubby expressed surprise at how quickly this one disappeared... something like "at the rate things usually go around here, I thought I could still have a piece", but, alas, it had been devoured already! Thanks for a delicious "keeper"! Suzy :D

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SiouxzQzz December 10, 2007
Coffee Cake