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Really yummy sauce!! I love coffee just about any way so it was a great surprise to find this BBQ sauce with it. Can't wait to use it on BBQ chicken. (:

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A Good Thing July 05, 2007

BBQ sauce is 1 thing almost always subject to pers pref & I was no exception. I used caution here w/2 ingredients, the Worcestershire because you advised it & vinegar because DH does not favor a strong vinegar flavor. I made a half recipe of all other ingredients, further halved the Worcestershire & vinegar & then tasted the sauce. It was good to go at that point for me, so I finished it for our pers pref by adding onion powder & about 6 drops of Tobasco to raise the heat level. This is a sauce on the sweet side of the BBQ scale & should be great on our wings later tonite. I made it in a qt jar, dumped the sauce ingredients in, capped it tightly & shook to mix them well b4 refrigerating. I used to make my own BBQ sauce, but got lazy. Now I will no longer buy the US import. This is great for us! Thx for sharing this recipe w/us. Edited to add: Oops, just realized I skipped the simmer for 5 min step, but the sauce did not seem to suffer from my mistake.

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twissis January 24, 2007
Coffee Barbecue Sauce