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Are you sure you used self raising flour?? The cake doesnt rise very much, although this doesnt matter because the texture is what you are looking for, not how high it rises. I got this recipe in my food tech. class at school, so it is a very basic cake. In my opinion, i didnt see anytihng wrong with the cake, and i felt that the texture was fine,- so the lack of rising didnt matter.. we used a ring cake tin, if that helps.

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Food_Lush July 30, 2003

RecipeObsession, I am not adding stars until I've tried again. My cake tasted delicious, not overly sweet. It was quick to put together and I loved the soft texture the sour cream gave the cake. However it didn't rise for me, turning out only a centimetre or two higher than the original level of the batter. I will try it again soon and let you know how I go. UPDATE : made this again and same problem, it just did not rise. I had my oven pre-heated and followed the directions closely. RecipeObsession perhaps you could make your recipe again, paying attention to each step you do and see if you could add some more precise directions - should it be well beaten during mixing or just stirred together? What sort of tin is best to bake it in? That sort of thing. Thanks for taking the time to submit.

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EeeGee July 29, 2003
Coffee and Sour Cream Cake