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Simple, fast, and delicious: What more could you ask for? I should mention that we didn't deglaze the pan for additional sauce. The fish was so nicely glazed right out of the oven that we didn't feel the need. Thanks, ~Rita~, for a real winner.

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394mm493 October 23, 2007

I did a very dangerous thing. I served this dish to 6 dinner guests without trying it first. But, I had no worries since RitaL's recipes are almost always trustworthy. Everyone raved, and I now have a reputation among these new friends as a great cook! Thank you Rita. I kept the fish in the skillet, just covering them after browning and spreading with the yummy lemon curd sauce. Please use the fresh grated ginger if you can, it makes such a difference. However, I confess to using store bought lemon curd and it worked just fine. This dish came together, after making the sauce earlier in the afternoon, in just about 10 minutes from start to finish, so it gets 5*s for ease of preparation as well as for flavor and appearance...a perfect recipe! My Thai Coconut Rice Thai Coconut Rice, and some sesame stir fried pea pods and shitaki mushrooms were nice accompaniments. I highly recommend this recipe!

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Geema March 14, 2007

Wow, Rita...this is one great recipe! It was so easy to put together, and the results look and taste like I made an enormous effort. As an added bonus, it was sweet enough that I don't feel like I need dessert now. :) Thanks for sharing this one! I'll bet I use the rest of my jar of lemon curd to make this recipe a few more times.

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Aunt Cookie September 09, 2006

One of the best dishes I've ever had in my life, and certainly the best fish dish. Even DH, who does not like fish, wanted seconds on this. Just outstanding! I didn't salt the fish because I figured the soy sauce had enough sodium. Also used a couple shakes of ginger powder instead of fresh ginger. Made the mistake of starting out to use margarine, and discovered it has too much water in it. I added just a little oil and hence it managed to brown and still have a buttery taste. Next time, I will use real butter as I want to try the browned butter taste. Thank you for this wonderful dish!

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Debbie R. September 01, 2006

Actually I used the lemon curd recipe twice, with snapper rather than cod and with grilled chicken breast. Both were quite good. The snapper version used the recipe as stated. For the chicken, I put the lemon curd mixture on top of the grilled chicken rather than in the oven. The mixture melted nicely. For the chicken version I used fresh basil rather than parsley; much better!!. Also if you want to make the mixture more savory use a little extra soy and rice wine vinegar.

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Mike M. September 24, 2013
Cod Fillets With an Asian Lemon Curd Glaze