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Even with my trimmed down subs this was outstanding. Here's the rundown: for the coconut milk I used Fat Free Coconut Milk (For Recipes) and for the sweetened condensed milk I used Sweetened Condensed Milk Substitution. I saved so much fat and calories by using the subs that I didn't have a second thought about using chocolate whipped cream and 1/10 of an ounce of chocolate shavings. Oh happy day :D

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Annacia November 21, 2009

super delicious. a bit too sweet for my taste, i might add an extra cup of milk next time. we froze the leftovers and it made delicious ice cream as well.

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Cher Oliver April 25, 2010

A lovely hot chocolate. I used Coconut Milk Substitute. I used the 3 tablespoons of cocoa. Next time I may increase the cocoa to 4 tablespoons. As I am sitting here enjoying the cocoa, I am thinking of some wonderful variations...coconut rum or add some almond extract to create an Almond Joy cocoa. Delicious! Made for PRMR.

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swissms January 10, 2010

This is a tasty hot chocolate variation! My hubby loved the chocolate and coconut flavors together; said it reminded him of his favorite pie. I whisked in the full 3 TB of cocoa powder, plus 2 tsp of sugar to get it sweet and chocolate-y enough for us. With the different milks, it was definitely rich and creamy enough to leave off a whipped cream topping, so we skipped that. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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appleydapply November 17, 2009
Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate