Coconut Tapioca Pudding (Rice Cooker)

Total Time
1hr 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 1 hr

For rice cookers with a porridge cycle. This is a delicious, creamy pudding, with the luscious taste of coconut. Tapioca pearls cook to perfection in the rice cooker. Try topping with sliced or chopped tropical fruit - mango, pineapple, banana, papaya. Recipe can be halved for 3-cup cooker. From the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. Guessing on cooktime.


  1. Place all ingredients except vanilla in bowl of 6-cup rice cooker. Stir to combine. Close the cover and set for Porridge cycle.
  2. Open the cover and stir briefly every 20 minutes, then close cover.
  3. At end of cycle, carefully remove bowl from cooker. Stir in the vanilla. Pour into a large serving bowl or individual serving dishes.
  4. Let cool. Serve warm, or refrigerate covered with plastic wrap.
  5. Note: small pearl tapioca is about the size of sesame seeds; anything larger will take longer and require more liquid.
Most Helpful

Duonyte, thank you for posting this recipe and making the edited Note. I'd tried it once and didn't review it because our results were not good. I used the only pearl tapioca I was able to find, but clearly, it was too large. I ran it through two porridge cycles and almost double the amount of coconut milk, and the pearls were still really tough and just plain hard in the middle. When I read your added note, and used the very very tiny tapioca, the results were perfect. We'll be making this often during the winter months! I can't wait, the flavor is incredibly wonderful.

Akikobay June 17, 2007

To use the large pearl tapioca, I soaked the pearls in water overnight before using in recipe. It did not require extra liquid after doing this and was the perfect texture at the end of the porridge cycle. By accident, I left out the vanilla and it still tasted great.

nepofreedom September 23, 2007

This was made for DH, tapioca pudding is a favorite of his. The only real difference that I made was to use minute tapioca (he won't eat the larger kind)and cooking it in a pot as I don't use have a rice cooker. He liked the coconut for a change and really enjoyed it for late snack last night.This pudding doesn't set up firm and solid but stays loser and creamy.

Annacia April 17, 2007